Monday, 30 April 2012


i am of to tusyen already,,,

today i'll get my result's for my exam... (last week)

lolaaa bubbye...

Sunday, 29 April 2012


i got pimples on my face...

i hate pimples...

pimples are actually normal for a teenage girl like me XD

i need to go to a place that can solve this pimples prob.. (new york skin solution)


i just wanna show my polka dots shirt...

there are blue,pink and  brown clours on my shirt.... :p

PEACE NO WAR..... :)


we meet again everybody..

i am hearing one thing by 1D

i love the song only..

not the people..

please enjoy when you herd one thing song..

Saturday, 28 April 2012


when I have time, i will try to upload pictures to my blog so you guys can know and see the real me more    




don't know whinh group to choose??????

i)big time rush

ii)the wanted

iii)one direction

whick one dearest fellow??????


i am a fan of pink,blue,yellow,white,black and green colourssss 


i love twitter,blogger and facebook soooo much because it makes my friend relationship become closer......
follow my blog because it is super awesome..
no mercy..
(no lies..)


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hello to all my followers and also my peps,,,,,
long time no seen hehehe :D
i miss typing my blog...
the next post will be more awesome.. okey???!!!